Most diseases in one way or another are affected by the immune response system. In immune compromised diseases such as Cancer and Tuberculosis the humoral response is suppressed, whereas there is an over compensation of activity in autoimmune disorders.

It is common knowledge that nutrition plays a major role in the prevention of lifestyle diseases, but is not effective in reversing the process unless extreme measures are implemented.

The common denominator in immune related illnesses is the behaviour of one of the key cells, the Macrophage. This cell plays a significant and varied role within the immune structure and is responsible for neutralizing pathogens, restoration of cells and coordinating the balances of supportive immune components. (lymphocytes, cytokines, TNF, IFN etc…)

Although nutrients play a role in immune support, it is imperative to firstly rectify the imbalances that have developed throughout the immune structure. As nutrients are secondary tier structures that are dependant on a myriad of factors, before proving to be of benefit in serious diseased conditions, the pursuit of an effective medication had to therefore focus on the nucleus of cellular formation, which occurs prior to any biological process.

The process of cellular generation and alteration is firstly reliant on electrical impulse signals which are communicated between cells before a process can be initialized. Alterations, modifications and regenerations occur, based on the electrical stimuli the cell receives. This primary information is critical before cells can utilize resultant tier structures to effect change.

Introducing Electro Medicines

A clearer understanding of this approach to medicine is to separate and understand how energy works. According to the mandates of science, everything is frequency; and frequency is everything. The most common denominator of all structure, the atom, is energy; a form of frequency.

Each structure and process within the body has a distinctive combination of frequencies that must be present for the body to maintain integrity. The body is capable of being self diagnostic but not so capable of self generating the frequencies that are required for restoration.

By identifying frequencies of specific organisms we are able to either neutralize or enhance their function. Ozone generators are useful in killing pathogens. The ozone produced in a gaseous form (O3) quickly breaks down into Oxygen (O2) and a highly reactive (O1) which will bind to oxidants or pathogens. This is a physical manifestation of the effects of ozone; however ozone also gives off a specific frequency in the ultra violet range of light, which can induce the same result as the physical gaseous form. The widespread use of ultra violet light equipment to sterilize medical instruments is common. Both mechanisms use the same theory to kill pathogens the only difference is that one is more advanced than the other.

PlusQ Overview

By utilizing a frequency to neutralize an organism, the converse is also true. By utilizing specific frequencies one could also stimulate an organisms’ performance.

Introducing PlusQ

The first stage was to identify which organism to target. (Macrophage) The second stage was to identify at what level to do this. (Molecular) The third stage was to identify a technology to accomplish this (Molecular physics), and the final stage was to prove that all of this worked.

PlusQ is a clinically proven immunomodulator with the absence of toxicity and/or collateral effects that functions at a molecular level redefining the electrical interactions and communication between cells by focusing on one of the key components of the immune system - the Macrophage. Utilizing the principles of electro and molecular physics, activation and regulation of this cell induces morphological changes to correct imbalances that have occurred. This technology encompasses sub molecular electro magnetic energy and frequency fields that form part and partial of uniquely structured semi-conducting molecular crystal that stimulates an organism to use its own resources, looking to mobilize natural defences of the weakened body.

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PlusQ for Cancer Patients

Background: Cancer not only affects the individual, but has a distressing effect on the surrounding family and friends who feel completely helpless to act. As a coping mechanism, the psychology of the cancer patient goes through a series of mind altering processes that helps them prepare for the possible consequences of this debilitating disease. The scope of the PlusQ clinical trials focused on two areas.

(1) To ensure the quality of life for the cancer patient and

(2) To increase the duration of life.

What can PlusQ offer a Cancer patient:

We have already discussed the effects on the key cell of the immune system the Macrophage. Macrophages are believed to help cancer cells proliferate. They are attracted to oxygen-starved (hypoxia) tumour cells and promote chronic inflammation. Inflammatory compounds such as Tumour necrosis factor (TNF) released by the macrophage activates the gene switch nuclear factor-kappa B.

NF-kB then enters the nucleus of a tumour cell and turns on production of proteins that stop apoptosis and promote cell proliferation and inflammation. It is known through clinical studies that PlusQ possesses anti inflammatory properties by the activation and modulation of the Macrophage. The resulting conclusion is that PlusQ provides, amongst other beneficial factors, an improved Quality of Life.

The standard medical protocol in treating cancer includes some of the most toxic therapies known to man. The collateral side effects can be as debilitating as the disease itself. PlusQ offers both the patient and the surrounding family and friends the power to provide a solution to "quality of life" as this aspect is generally ignored by physicians.

PlusQ is not a cure for cancer; however the following statements have been proven in large clinical trials. PlusQ provides a regression of the symptoms, including pain, appetite improves, weight is gained and an overall feeling of wellness returns. There is also evidence of the regression of the lesion itself, thus making the disease’s prognosis, look considerably better.

The largest difficulty of antineoplastic chemotherapy is drug resistance. The performance of PlusQ on these patients promoted an adhesion to the treatment for the improvement of life quality, with a decrease in side effects and the absence of myelosuppression provoked by the chemotherapy drugs, allowing adherence to the treatment and for the continuity of antineoplastic effects, to be maintained.

What does this mean?

PlusQ’s consistent performance demonstrated constant weight gain, and avoidance of loss of corporal mass, which are characteristics of the disease and the aggressive therapy, a return of full cognitive function where the accomplishment of physical activities such as walking, leisure activities and even the return, even if partial, to productive activities were made possible. Patients treated with PlusQ, in conjunction with conventional therapies presented a decrease in pain complaints, improvement in appetite and cognitive function were noticed almost immediately after the start of the treatment, with continuous constant improvement over time. There is a noticeable reduction in nausea and vomiting and a general feeling of well being. The possibility of physical activities was a result in the Improvement of life quality and it provided an improvement of observed self-esteem during the treatment.


The performance progression shows with clarity that a medication without toxicity and/or collateral effects, acting on the defences of the body becomes indispensable to the modern therapeutic arsenal. In most of the patients, there was a significant decrease of tumour volumes, after the therapy with PlusQ. This fact made it possible to discuss the option of re instituting invasive treatments or, surgery or even restarting the cycle of chemotherapy, which had been stopped.

Another verified fact is the high adhesion index to the treatment with PlusQ where the attending patients went in search of the medication so that they could remain on the treatment after the study. Even in those where there was partial or total tumour mass resolution, the interest of carrying on taking the medication was unanimous.

PlusQ Overview

PlusQ is a credible medicine that has undergone vigorous clinical trials both in vitro and in vivo, providing remarkable results in both Cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. The benefits have been equally exemplary in Auto-immune inflammatory diseases.


• Non-toxic

• Undergone vigorous clinical trials both in vitro and in vivo

• Safe for all to take as a dietary supplement including pregnant and lactating mothers, babies and children

Halal approved due to the very low ethanol content.

PlusQ Does not interact with conventional medicine and is safe to take if you are currently taking any medication.

Persons should avoid PlusQ if they have a known hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients.

Store in a cool (below 25° C) dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Do not store near any electrical appliances. Do not use if safety

seal has been broken. Replace cap tightly. Keep out of reach of children.

Warning: a temporary aggravation of the existing symptoms is possible after

taking the preparation.

There are no known other side effects.


PlusQ is designed to be taken on a daily basis to help you maintain optimum

immune function. If, however, you have been diagnosed with any health

complaint, illness or disease, PlusQ may help provide symptomatic relief.

Dosage Form

Oral liquid drops. Take 10 drops of PlusQ 3 times per day, mixed with a little

water (20-30 mL).

For chronic illness, take 5 drops of PlusQ 6 times per day, mixed with a little

water (20-30 mL).

Do not use a metal teaspoon or metal cup to administer PlusQ.

Do not take more than the recommended daily dosage (30 drops per day).


PlusQ is manufactured in a facility that has been licensed by the Department of Health, the Medicines Control Council, the TGA in Australia, the British department of Health (MHRA) and the FDA in the US, providing GMP practices and extremely high levels of quality. PlusQ has been presented to the Medicines Control Council in accordance to the complementary call up as well as the WHO CPP accreditation.

TAPS approval code CH4168.

Serving size: 10 drops (approximately 0.6 mL)

Each 0.6mL serving of PlusQ contains:

• Thuja Extract: < 1x10-9 ug

• Bryonia Extract: < 1x10-9 ug

• Pharmaceutical grade ethanol: <0.1%

Servings per 50 mL bottle: 85 (approximately 28 days)

Contents of box:

• One amber glass bottle containing 50 mL of PlusQ (clear to light yellow

solution with a light odor of alcohol)

• Cap and dropper (to measure dosage)

• Package insert

Estimated shelf life: 5 years

Active Ingredients

1) Thuja extract <1x10-9 ug

2) Bryonia extract <1x10-9 ug

Non-active Ingredients

1) Pharmaceutical grade ethanol

2) Purified water

- No ingredients that are liable to cause dependence and/or listed in

the UN lists of psychotropic and narcotic drugs

- No known side effects

- Strength: Sold undiluted

- Colour: Clear, odourless liquid

Plus Q 50ml bottle

NOTE: Plus Q is only available from this website worldwide.


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.