Introducing PlusQ – made to support a healthy immune system
PlusQ takes on 2 roles.
1. To help you stay healthy.
2. To act as an immune support if illness occurs.

How it works

PlusQ Is a scientifically proven product that helps to support a balanced immune system, working by supporting the main cells in your immune system (macrophages).

PlusQ supports healthy macrophage activity and enables your immune system to deliver a normal response when it is needed. Macrophages are responsible for neutralising pathogens restoring cells and coordinating the balances of the supported immune components.

Every molecule on the planet is governed by an electrical component. Every molecule also resonates a specific frequency. (molecular physics) . The most common denominator of all structure, the atom, is energy; A form of frequency.

The human body is also governed by electricity and it generates about three volts.

Each structure and process within the body has distinctive combination of frequencies that must be present for the body to maintain integrity.

By identifying frequencies of specific organisms we are able to either neutralise or enhance their function.

PlusQ also utilises a component of energy the (precursor to frequency), which induces its powerful properties!

PlusQ Is a scientifically proven product with the absence of toxicity and/or collateral defects that functions at a molecular level supporting the electrical interactions and communications between cells by focusing on one of the key components of the immune system – the macrophage.